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Full text of "Exhibition of prints from the collection of Edward A. Bigelow: January 1-15, 1936."

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L\l iriTIf S Cr PRINTS 



JANUARY 1-15 • 1936 


James E. Allen 

1. The Builders {Etching) 

John Taylor Arms 

2. Lace in Stone, Rouen Cathedral {Etching) 

3. Plate and Etching Made at the Worcester 
Art Museum 

4. Venetian Mirror {Etching) 

John Taylor Arms and Kerr Eby 

5. Mediaeval Pageantry {Etching) 

Winifred Austen 

6. Pheasants {Etching) 

Frank W. Benson 

7. Two Black Ducks {Dry Point) 

8. Yellow Legs {Dry Point) 

Muirhead Bone 

9. Manhattan Excavation {Dry Point) 

10. Sir Rabindranath Tagore {Dry Point) 

Frank Brangwyn 

11. The Tow Rope {Etching) 

Arthur Briscoe 

12. The Capstan {Etching) 

Gerald L. Brockhurst 

13. Adolescence {Etching) 

14. Dorette {Etching) 

Sir David Young Cameron 

15. Ben Ledi {Etching and Dry Point) 

Samuel Chamberlain 

16. Espalion {Dry Point) 

17. Manhattan Twilight {Dry Point) 

Asa Cheffetz 

18. A New England Calendar {Wood Block) 

Warren Davis 

19. Crescent {Dry Point) 

Kerr Eby 

20. In the Open {Original Drawing) 

21. In the Open (Etching) 

22. Refugees (Original Drawing) 

23. Refugees (Original Drawing) 

24. Refugees (Etching) 

25. September 13th (Original Drawing) 

26. September 13th (Etching) 

27. Turkey Hill (Etching) 

Sears Gallagher 

28. The Breakers (Dry Point) 

Sir Francis Seymour Haden 

29. On the Test (Dry Point) 

30. Sunset in Ireland (Dry Point) 

Childe Hassam 

31. The Big Horse Chestnut Tree, Easthampton 


32. Old Lace (Etching) # 

33. Wayside Inn, Oaks in Spring (Etching) 

Arthur William Heintzelman 

34. Golgotha (Etching) 

35. Mendiant Italien (Etching) 

Eugene Higgins 

36. Woman and Her Work (Etching) 

Alfred Hutty 

37. Fishermen's Wives (Etching) 

38. Sycamores (Etching) 

39. Windswept (Etching) 

Robert Lawson 

40. The Golden Age (Etching) 

Martin Lewis 

41. Rainy Day in Queens (Etching) 

42. Which Way? (Aquatint) 

James McBey 

43. Amsterdam from Ransdorp (Etching) 

44. East River, Sunset (Dry Point and Etching) 

45. The Surrender of Jerusalem (Etching) 

46. The Torpedoed Sussex (Dry Point and Etching) 

Jean Francois Millet 

47. The Diggers {Etching) 

48. The Gleaners {Etching) 

49. The Shepherdess {Etching) 

50. The Wool Carder {Etching) 


51. Ruby {Dry Point) 

Joseph Pennell 

52. The Golden Cornice, No. I {Etching) 

Rembrandt van Rijn 

53. Beggars Receiving Alms {Etching) 

54. The Raising of Lazarus {Etching) 

Margery Ryerson 

55. Big Sister {Dry Point) 

Eileen A. Soper 

56. Jumping Rope {Etching) 

Albert Sterner 

57. The Truant {Dry Point) 

Levon West 

58. Heavy Going {Etching) 

59. Night Riders {Etching) 

James A. McNeill Whistler 

60. Greenwich Park {Etching) 

Norman Wilkinson 

61. The Passing of the Lion {Dry Point) 

R. William Woiceske 

62. White Magic {Dry Point) 

Franklin T. Wood 

63. The Black Cap {Etching) 

Stanley W. Woodward 

64. New Hampshire Farm {Etching) 

Anders L. Zorn 

65. Dal River {Etching) 

66. Madonna {Etching)